Strong for future generations.

Some metro area schools struggle with having 30 percent free or reduced meal kids. It shows an economic problem that the school are being asked to solve. Here in Burnsville we have schools with more than 70% free and reduced meals. That shows a level of economic distress only seen in the inner city schools. Yet we have a much lower crime rate than the inner cities. What are we doing right but still need to work on? We have a great community with 75 parks and easy freeway access to the entire metro. We have strong schools with a very diverse population. In my opinion we need to increase the economic options while keeping our city safe. We can do that best by keeping our tax rate as low as possible and help foster an open business environment. Keeping Burnsville strong for future generations.

Donate Today

Thank you to everyone, both those that were able to stop by and those that weren’t. Your continued support means so much to me.

It is never too earlier to donate. If you have a moment please head over to the website hit the contribute button. We are working on the budget for the next few months and every dollar I can raise now means more signs and literature pieces I can plan on having.

$25 – $100 dollars from those on my friends list will allow me the funds I need to make a difference in this race, Remember the max donation is $600.00 per individual.

Burnsville has changed a lot since my dad moved to Birnamwood in the early 70’s. Gone are the Town Crier and the Burnsville Bowl, both re-purposed into something else. City hall moved from the spot near Dairy Queen to it’s current location. And in general the city has filled up. Heck I still call the Zoo in Apple Valley the New Zoo 30 years after it opened.

Good things and good people have helped to build this city. Burnsville deserves our best, and together we can make a difference.
I ask for your support to become one of Burnsville’s City Council members.

Official Announcment

Today I am officially announcing my campaign to run for Burnsville City Council.

I understand the difficulties that the people of Burnsville face because I have lived side by side with them, struggling every day. I have lived in this area all of my adult life, and in Burnsville for more than 27 years, both as a small business owner and a subcontractor for 25 years. Currently I work as a Maintenance Mechanic for the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage school district (ISD 191). I have had to deal with the ever rising costs of Health Insurance and energy, rising taxes and flat income. Everyone I know has had to deal with unemployment or underemployment from a job loss in their family.

As a member of the Burnsville City Council, I will continuously work with my other Council members to keep costs under control while offering the services that the citizens of Burnsville have come to expect.

We need members in our City Council that understand a bridge is more than just a bridge; it can be the economic life or death for a community. Stable infrastructure enables and sustains economic growth. Safe communities invite others to move to Burnsville. And a stable tax base combined with sensible enforcement of City ordinances create an inviting place for businesses to locate and to grow.

   • I will be a strong voice in Burnsville because I will;
   • Welcome and listen to those in my City,
   • Create opportunities to meet with the public on a regular basis,
   • Find ways to encourage new businesses to locate to Burnsville and work with existing businesses to meet their needs,
   • Work to increase our water quality efforts,
   • Rely on Minnesota values to help forge solutions.
Burnsville deserves our best and together we can make a difference.
I ask for your vote to become one of Burnsville’s City Council members.
Thank You.

Dan Powers

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